Annual Car Show

Join us for the annual Ruch Community Bible Church Car Show, a highly anticipated summer event celebrating the beauty and craftsmanship of classic and modern automobiles. Scheduled for [TBD date] in 2024, this family-friendly gathering will take place at the church's spacious parking lot, welcoming car enthusiasts from Ruch and surrounding communities.

Immerse yourself in a stunning display of meticulously maintained and restored vehicles, ranging from vintage classics to sleek contemporary models. Marvel at the intricate details and admire the pride and passion poured into each four-wheeled masterpiece by their dedicated owners.

Beyond the impressive automotive exhibits, the Ruch Community Bible Church Car Show offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with delicious food vendors, refreshing beverages, and plenty of opportunities for fellowship and community engagement. Connect with fellow car enthusiasts, share stories, and bask in the shared love for these magnificent machines.

Whether you're a lifelong car aficionado or simply appreciate the art and engineering behind these vehicles, the Ruch Community Bible Church Car Show promises an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the beauty and craftsmanship of automobiles while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.


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